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Sarah Jons
The Fertility Therapist


The beginnings

I began my journey into self-healing after a traumatic pregnancy, that resulted in my daughter's stillborn birth when I was 30, and her twin sister's survival.  I never conceived again, and it wasn't until later in life, I really understood why.

After this event, I split from my partner and when I could, partied wildly (thank god, I'm too old for these memories to show up on anyones' Facebook page). Some of it is a blur, err such as 3 days without sleep in New York, but in private, I hit breaking point. Two precious gifts kept me going, my first son who arrived when I was 21, and my daughter, the surviving twin.  So I know I'm blessed.

Counselling and prescribed medication helped; but never healed me. You see, I've always carried this deeper knowing, that there are invisible superpowers available inside us.  And this knowing eventually called me to follow and study healing practices.

You can see the full list and breakdown of my qualifications on my general therapy page here >>>>

But know it's not my certificates that define me, its the work I have done supporting women in this field over the last decade.


My journey

My fertility therapy offering is the merging of nearly 20 years of experience in the field of healing practices and many lifetime experiences including hundreds of clients. It is a culmination of breathwork, mindfulness and hypnosis practices, weaved through accumulated shamanic, somatic, and dance studies, inspired by outstanding teachers, mentors, and guides. Most importantly everything I teach is grounded in science.


My healing path

There have been numerous twisting points on my healing path. Registering as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist in 2010 and shortly after setting up my private practice.  Just as my practice started to grow, I tumbled into breathwork, and had many profound 'other worldly experiences'. I kid you not - Transformational Breath is the best self-healing tool, ever!

Breathwork had such a phenomenal and transformational impact on my mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing that it became clear that I needed to share this work with others.  

In 2014 I opened The Big Breath Company with my friend and business partner Elif (an ex NHS Psychologist). Together we have shared breathwork with hundreds (probably more likely thousands now) of people. We run workshops, retreats, and professional facilitator training events in the UK and abroad. We have travelled to China to work alongside Dr Judith Kravitz, the founder of Transformational Breath®. I am now on the Trainer path, mentoring and teaching and on the other side the goal to share Breathwork with others.  

More recently, I've been drawn to bodywork and have explored this through Dance (5 Rhythms) and participating in a range of somatic nervous system studies. I've also encountered the weird and wonderful oneness blessings, medicine women, chakra alignments, reiki drumming, crystals and shamanic journeying.  It's all been fab.

Recently I've moved to the outskirts of Epping Forest, after many years living in Central London. My hobbies include wildcrafting, growing and making my own herbal products, (I'm a graduate of Formula Botanicals), and wandering for hours with my two Frenchies. Oh yes, I'm a dog breeder too (you see, I always wanted more children!). I am now in a happy healing space for what ever happens yet.  

My fertility offerings

Every time I hear of a women's conception struggles, the echoes from the past, and ache deep within, call me to service.

Within my therapy spaces, I have witnessed clients transform themselves through innate wisdom and healing energy, including women conceiving naturally much later in life.

After years of individual and group therapy work, I've crafted a therapeutic framework that gives women the tools they need to holistically heal for pregnancy. I can't offer any pregnancy guarantees, yet I know the physical and emotional benefits go deeper than that. And yes, that means miracle babies arrive. Or, you can reach a place of surrender and trust as a new path appears (like it did for me).

It's taken me 20 years to channel this wisdom, its been distilling for years. Currently due to time limitations I am working on an one to one basis.

The sooner you start working on your fertility issues - the better, before even trying to get pregnant, although the benefits come at any time.  Yes, if you're on  IVF or other assisted conception protocols,  you really need this too.

Having participated in many infertility training programmes, I answered the call to serve others many moons ago. And that's what I'm here to do, to help serve women like me, like you.


Customer Testimonials

"Dear Sarah  I just wanted to let you know we had a little girl on the 14th!  My baby was born at 6lbs and is lovely! Thank you for all your help, I truly believe this day would never have come without your intervention! We are a family! Thank you again.


"Hi Sarah, Hope you are well and enjoying this gorgeous weather. Just wanted to let you know we’ve had a positive result this time round. It’s far too early to get excited but it’s incredible progress!!

Will keep you posted!

Speak soon."


Sarah was kind, empathetic, attentive, and made me feel very much at ease with the therapy. After three sessions, I continued to practice the breathing and visualisation exercises I learned from Sarah on a daily basis. In the cycle immediately after our last therapy session, we fell pregnant. I continued with Sarah’s exercises throughout the first half of the high risk pregnancy to calm my nerves and focus on healing." 



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