Embark on a transformative 28-day conscious breath journey 

Expand your Consciousness and unlock your hidden superpower

28 Day Conscious Breath Journey 

 Embark on a transformative 28-day Conscious Breath Journey to unlock your hidden superpower and tap into the profound benefits of breath.
Discover the power of conscious connected breath, with a focus on a relaxed exhale, making it safe to practice alone.  

Why Breath? Using breath, we have the ability to up-regulate or down-regulate our central nervous system, providing us with a tool to calm and center ourselves or energise and motivate ourselves.

Breath allows us to inquire into our place within our personal life story and the collective understanding of human consciousness and our relationships with others.  A breath practice offers a multitude of benefits, including stress and anxiety reduction, regulation of the nervous system, release of old stories and emotions, expanded awareness and potential, and improved physical functions such as energy, focus, sleep, and digestion.

It also provides fertility benefits and supports detoxification of the body and regulation of hormone.  It truly is a superpower and through this practice you will gain deep insights and explore your inner world.

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