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How to Double Your Chances of Conception Success
Without Harming Your Body, 
And do it with your feet up at home

A Personalised Fertility Healing Coaching Solution Your Soul Will Fall in Love With


It’s been said that in a moment of decision your destiny is shaped. Your stakes have never been higher.  
This is about giving yourself the best chance and the right tools to help you fall pregnant.
The research clearly shows that women who follow Mind Body Programmes will double their chances of getting pregnant.
One thing for sure is — one year from now — you will be grateful looking back that you did this work.  
You won't find these teachings anywhere else... because an expert who specialises in helping women with fertility challenges created them.
Will life stay the same for you ? Or will you decide to give yourself the best chance of fulfilling your motherhood dream by working with Sarah personally alongside
The Expectant Mother Programme.

You Want Time to Slow Down.
And You Can...
 Help Your Subconscious Make Your Journey to Motherhood Easier
So That Every Fertility Cycle Counts

It's a fact — women who work on their mental, as well as physical wellbeing — are the ones that are more likely to fall pregnant.
The  Expectant Mother is a customised guided online course that gives you the know-how to do this for yourself.  You will also receive my personal support as soon as we can arrange it so you can trust that you will be getting the most of the programme.
I will share with you my signature framework, The Fertility Healing Paradigm™ and an easily implementable medicine bag of fertility hypnosis recordings, breathwork and mindfulness practices, that you can do at home (on your sofa with your feet up).
You won’t find these anywhere else, online —or off. 

All You Want To Do Is Have A Baby —
Yes, And

If anyone tells you to just relax — again — it won’t end well.

You're drowning in an ocean of negative thoughts, and pregnancy test sticks.

Your future looks like an empty ghost town... and you can hear tumbleweeds whistling down the streets.

The eye watering cost of IVF — with low success rates —  leaves you frozen like an ice queen.

The meds make you feel like a bloated walrus... and the jabs make you feel like a human pincushion.

Your mental health is in the bin, along with the invitations to baby showers, christenings, and children's parties.

So, I totally get it. You need to know it's not just your age that reduces fertility, it's the emotional roller coaster of trying to conceive and not succeeding, that reduces your chance each and every month.


We live in a time of abundant information, and that means it’s even harder to find the most effective fertility enhancing practices. Because, the simple truth is there isn’t one perfect system or solution.
Going to multiple sources, different therapists can lead to overwhelm and exhaustion, as well as eating into your valuable free time. (And emptying your bank account).
You end up getting more of what you’re trying to change.
More stress, more tiring to do lists and lower fertility chances.
Put an end to the habit of ‘doom scrolling’ for fertility tips and tricks… and use your time wisely.
Just show up for yourself each day by logging on and safely double your chances of getting pregnant.
Some of my clients fall pregnant naturally (saving thousands on fertility treatments).  
Understand that you’ll be working beyond the boundaries of the singular goal of having a baby.
These teachings offer you a way to restore and balance your fertility health throughout the rest of your life.
(Yes, menopause will be easier to navigate if you do this work now!) 
Your future self and wellbeing will thank you for doing this work.

A Peek at the *Scientific Evidence

You know I'm pretty stunned that all private (and NHS clinics) don't offer mind body programmes!

Women who participate in a mind/body programmes for stress reduction while undergoing IVF treatment have a significantly higher pregnancy rate than those who do not (52 percent versus 20 percent).

An Israeli study presented to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology conference in Berlin in July of 2004, demonstrated that hypnosis can effectively double the success of IVF treatments.

Baylor University demonstrated that an innovative treatment, combining mindfulness with hypnotherapy, gives incredible results!

Women who were stressed produced 20% fewer eggs during a cycle than women who were not experiencing symptoms of stress.

One study showed that biological age is affected by mindset. So your fertility thinking and behaviours matter.

Women who were stressed produced 20% fewer eggs during a cycle than women who were not experiencing symptoms of stress.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy effectiveness is greater for the treatment of anxiety and depression than other talk therapies such as CBT used within the NHS (71% compared to 42%). 

Hypnotherapy for fertility which emphasises relaxation and imagery helps facilitate pregnancy.

In a study in the USA, 16 women with amenorrhoea (absence of periods related to brain hormone production) received CBT (mindfulness) based treatment. Six of the 8 women in the CBT group resumed ovulation, while only 1 woman in the control group resumed ovulation.

Neuroscience study explains the mind-body, and placebo effect at work.

*If you want further references for these studies, get in touch.

Oh Yes, You might be wondering who I am?

Hi, I’m Sarah Jons — Your Fertility Therapist

The most important thing you should know — is that over the last decade I've helped many women manage and overcome fertility struggles.

Many of them have gone on to conceive — despite the odds stacked against them.

My teachings are weaved from ancient wisdom and modern scientific principles.

When you connect with and ground your deepest self, you transcend the limitations of your fertility circumstances.

As a therapist and teacher of other therapists I have acquired my wisdom from multiple systems and schools, scientific as well as ancient … and distilled it down for you.

Think of this programme as an online sanctuary that contains the key concepts and treatments you need. It's taken all the hard work away for you.

The teachings have evolved through supporting women like you. Through my own baby loss trauma, I've found my way back and so can you.  Take a step back from any fertility challenges, right here. ( Regardless of how much time you have).  
Trust that whatever the outcome of our work together, you'll be able to take back control of your conception journey, and sanity — for a brighter future.  

Why You Need To Sign Up for this Coaching Programme

To Double Your Chances

Getting the right support on your journey to become a mum, increases your chances of success. FACT!!!

To last the journey your mind needs to be at peace. The problem is your mind is currently creating a hostile environment, which makes that part of you that is desperate to become a mum, fight with it, and get frustrated and angry.

A hostile mind creates a hostile body, and that’s not the perfect environment for conception to take place.   

To Learn How The Mind and Body Can Help Each Other

It’s not just ageing that reduces fertility. The studies show the longer you’ve been trying the less likely conception will happen.

When the mind and body fight together they weaken each other. As you ride the infertility roller coaster life gets really tough. So your mind needs help to navigate the highs and lows. It needs to befriend your body to help it to feel safe.

Easy to say, but hard to do when you're overwhelmed by emotions of fear, stress or grief.   

To Get The Best Support 

Yes, it’s really unfair that you have to go through this problem, and so often there isn’t the right help or support.

Knowledge is power and you need to learn fast because the fertility window is only open for a limited time. Having the right and best information before you begin your journey, means you set yourself up for success from the start.

This journey began with the stillbirth of my twin daughter nearly quarter of a century ago. I developed The Expectant Mother Programme based on tons of diplomas, certifications and courses that I took, because I wanted women to get the help I never did. My window closed a long time ago and from this void, I've held therapy space with hundreds of fertility clients in need of support.

Only Good Things Can Happen

The research shows that women who use mind body programmes can double their chances of getting pregnant. Even if you’re using IVF, or other assisted methods. Why wouldn’t you give yourself the best chance of success? And do this sooner, rather than later. No regrets, you will be grateful you started this today.

Doing something and getting the right help is better than doing nothing, and this programme could make all the difference for you. It’s simple and can be slotted into the busiest of lifestyles. You sign up, absorb the knowledge and put into practice the tools. It's immediate and the benefits will be reaped as soon as you start. You don’t need any prior experience and these techniques work for everyone.    

You Won't Regret It Whatever The Outcome

Where would you like to be one year from now? It’s easy to make choices based on what we’ve done in the past – in fact we’re wired to choose what’s familiar and even when it might harm and hinder us – but really, creating a fertile life means making new and different choices.

Ultimately you will know looking back that you’ve done everything possible to help you achieve your motherhood goal. And this will future proof you're wellbeing during any tough times ahead. Sadly women who don't seek help are at more risk of health complications in the future — such as during menopause and beyond.

Imagine how your life will change when your mind can experience peace each and every day — and how this makes you feel younger and calmer because you have loads more fertility energy at your disposal.

Stop worrying, it's time for you to start living again.

How it Works

One on One Fertility Hypno Coaching Sessions

Because, your fertility challenges are unique, Sarah needs to understand where you are on your journey. You might be having an IVF transfer this week and need some urgent support.  (Yes this is completely fine.)

With this in mind, Sarah will personally create the best framework for you to follow. So as soon as she can arrange it, you will receive an intensive coaching session from Sarah that will include hypnosis regression alongside her breathwork teachings. After this session you will have all you need to continue at home.

During this session, Sarah will uncover any subconscious blocks that might be blocking your success, including the emotional impact of unresolved past fertility history, challenges from childhood (yes this can be a factor) and limiting beliefs (such as not believing you deserve to be a mum).

After this Sarah will keep in touch with monthly coaching calls.

All sessions are done on Zoom or on the phone and the appointment times can get set up after booking. Sarah is more than happy to accommodate times for women in different time zones.

Sarah also offers (for an additional fee) face to face sessions at her private space in North London for those who wish to work with her personally. Please contact Sarah directly for further information.

Below are some of the programmes Sarah gives to her clients to support their progress. Depending on what's happening for you she will create a bespoke framework for you to follow.

 The Fertility Healing Paradigm ™

Sarah's signature 6 part video training series teaches you the 4 key tenets of self- healing so you can restore and maximise your fertility potential.  

The inspirational wisdom within these high quality videos cover core healing concepts from numerous systems. It's over a decade of learning and experience distilled down into a few brief hours for you to absorb quickly.

Hit the ground running and kick start your healing with the knowledge you need to love yourself back into better health.

Watch on your travels with headphones, or in the privacy of your own home...feet up on your sofa,  Pause, rewind, replay as often as you need. Relax and let your subconscious take care of everything else.

Sneak Preview >>>>>

 Nervous System Restoration

Creating core safety in the nervous system is essential for conception to take place. If the body doesn't feel safe then fertility hormones are suppressed. Traumatic infertility challenges are for many an unavoidable part of the journey to motherhood. Your Vagus Nerve places a pivotal role in communicating safety to your body, organs and reproductive system.

When you understand what is happening in your physiology and the cues given... the opportunity to calm your nervous system arises as the trauma is experienced.
These practices are based on Stephen Porges ground-breaking work around the Polyvagal theory.

 Through awareness, and then repetition of simple exercises, (that take minutes to complete) you will be less reactive and more grounded. Everything begins in the body first and then arises in the mind. Don't fall victim to your nervous system.This knowledge hasn't made its way into the psychology textbooks… yet.

Sarah's signature... video series Nervous System Restoration (with video and audio files) will teach you everything you need to know. Helping you to melt away life long, as well as recent significant emotional events. A downloadable printable cheat sheet means you will have everything displayed to keep your vagal tone in tip top shape.

Healthy blood pressure, pulse rate, and better digestion all create safety from the inside out for conception to take place.

The Hypnotist's Path to Mindfulness

When you need a break from treatment or some respite from your thinking then this course gives you that retreat opportunity.  It also prepares the groundwork for all other teachings. 

 Because sometimes you need to slow down and pause in life.   

The content is deliberately devoid of fertility triggers to help you find clarity during any challenging situations or decisions you are facing.  So if we have time then I would recommend that you do this first.
Mindfulness offers a way of experiencing life by focusing on living in the present moment as well as letting go of judgements.
These can be about self or others.

Fertility challenges are created in the factory of the mind and tend to be based on past upsets and future worries. We experience painful thoughts and trauma long after it’s over.

The reality of many spiritual teachings is that right now, in this moment you’re ok.
And, even in the future if things don’t work out to plan, the reality is you’ll also be ok.

But let's be frank, maybe like me you’re one of the people who struggled to like, let alone practice mindfulness, for years?
What I discovered is when you blend mindfulness and hypnotherapy together you accentuate the benefits of both systems.
Think of hypnosis as the delivery method (vehicle) that enables mindfulness to be absorbed and integrated more easily and effectively.

And so you arrive effortlessly at being mindful, it becomes a natural part of who you are, and how you live your life.

Those things that upset you before can now bounce off you without ruining your whole day.
Stepping into the power of truly living in the now gives you everything that your physical form might not.

Self Love

It might not just be a baby that you give birth too. 

It’s time to fall in love with yourself fully again. 

What you will get

Each instructional lesson and audio focuses on a different benefit of mindfulness, giving you tips and ideas for how to harness the power of your unconscious mind, become a more mindful person, and connect with the deepest part of yourself.  The eight audio hypnosis journeys enable you to explore your incredible healing potential while you drift blissfully into your internal world, following the sound of Sarah's voice.

There are 8 lessons in total with accompanying audio recordings.  Ideally you can do these over 8 weeks, such as when you're waiting for an IVF round, or you need to have some treatment, or you need some healing time following some baby loss. If you don't have 8 weeks, you can cram them into 8 days.

Sneak Preview >>>>>

Natural Conception Hypnosis

There is a wealth of research showing that hormone levels, ovulation and other reproductive factors are affected by what's going on your mind, (and we’re not talking woo woo here).  

Accessing the mind-body connection through hypnosis means that you can direct your body to naturally conceive throughout your cycle.
It’s your body and your mind, and the great news is that you have far more influence than you might think.  
Carefully crafted short hypnosis tracks using Wordweaving™ (a leading hypnotherapy technique) will take you through three inner seasons of your menstrual cycle.  

Track 1...Winter   

Every cycle begins with the powerful energetic force of menstruation. It’s the phase of rest, repair and renewal. Contained within is the wild power of the unknown and potential for creating new life in the womb.  Plant the seed, see the vision for what’s possible… unfold.  

Track 2... Spring

Slowly emerge from the retreat of winter. Awaken your sexual energy and motivation to experiment and play during this phase of fertile abundance. Be open and curious, abandon the weight of seriousness and responsibility, take risks and enjoy freedom. Let go of doing, surrender too being. Give yourself permission to contain this spring energy just for you.  

Track 3... Summer     

Charge yourself fully with creative summer energy. Synchronise with the pleasure of ovulation. Everything is sexual, eating, walking, getting dressed, enjoy the indulgence. Ride the flow and embrace the new possibility of life bursting from within you. You can be a pure channel and call down what wants to be born from within you (and it might not just be a baby).      


Listen before you drift off to sleep at night and let your subconscious mind  wordweave your dreams

Assisted Conception Hypnosis

Calm your mind and body to increase your IVF success rate.

Did you know that stressed women produce more adrenaline which reduces conception rates by as much as 12%?
And, psychological stress is the number 1 reason why couples abandon fertility treatment.

Hypnotherapy for fertility which emphasises relaxation and imagery helps facilitate pregnancy.
The science also says that women who are in a state of hypnosis during IVF transfer double their success rates.

The thinking is… A relaxed uterus allows the embryo to implant more easily.
Even a 1% increase could be all you need to make a difference during your next conception cycle.

Track 1... Womb Work

Prepare your mind and body to work with your treatment cycle alongside any medications in the most effective and safest way possible.

Track 2... Manifest

Guide your body through powerful visualisations to produce as many healthy eggs as possible for harvest.

Track 3... Welcome

 Relax your mind, body and uterus to provide a safe place for your embryo to grow.

Effortless, only 15 mins long, no thinking required, just play and listen before you sleep at night.

Safely mixed with a soft binaural beats background to sink into your subconscious mind.

HOW does this work?

We get it... online courses and programmes are great - but sometimes you feel like you need to go direct to the source and receive customised support and a personal hand guiding you through.  So that's what Sarah's offering here as well.  



Including an initial min 2 hour intensive coaching session

  • 6 months access to The Expectant Mother Programme
  • Downloadable natural conception recordings
  • Bespoke framework for you to follow
  • Follow up 5 Monthly Coaching Calls
Project Baby Planner

One of the biggest addictions and sources of suffering for all women who are struggling to conceive is thinking.
 There is no better way to satisfy the minds constant urge to think or worry, than to write this down in a plan.
Sarah has created a format for you to develop one.  

Project Baby is a downloadable printable workbook that will help you (and your partner) get clarity over the practicalities around conception that are within your control.  

This includes finances, practices and fun activities to help you live your life fully during the challenges you face.  


Pregnancy Support

For some women getting pregnant is not the only challenge. It can mark the beginning of another stressful journey.

This is why Sarah offers support from the egg to the cradle, for all women who join her programme.
It's highly possible that you will fall pregnant.

If that happens drop Sarah an email and she will gladly provide you with extra support.

Let's do some sums

Using medical techniques alone for reproduction does not address the entire picture, and if emotional work is not a factor of any treatment plan, the chance of success rate can be greatly reduced.

The figures above are based on data and information compiled from the NHS, Human Fertilisation and Embryo Authority and the research of James Schwartz The Mind-Body Fertility Connection.

And, £646 for The Expectant Mother 1 on 1 is equal to £3.54 per day (less than the price of a Vanilla Spice Latte at Starbucks).

What's The Expectant Mother worth?

FAQs The Expectant Mother 1 on 1

It's a personalised mind and body programme designed for women who are struggling to become mothers. It's a combination of pre-recorded video as well as mindful hypnosis audios with fertility therapist Sarah Jons. It includes an intensive one to one session with Sarah. The online programme provides therapeutic support and useful tools for women who are trying to get pregnant. You will also be provided with powerful visualisations to enhance your chances of conceiving. 

Women who are preparing or struggling to become mothers. Women who have experienced baby loss. Women following assisted and natural conception protocols (IVF etc). Women who are pregnant and having a rough time. Women who have experienced baby loss. Single women as well as married, single sex etc. Sorry, this programme is not for men.

Sarah's work and teachings are based on ancient wisdom and modern scientific principles. If you are open to practices such as meditation, breathwork and hypnosis that tap into higher energy frequencies, and calm the thinking mind then you will find this programme beneficial. You need to commit to doing the work and need to find the space in your day to do the practices which will be the perfect antidote to your fertility challenges. 

You will know that age is a fertility reducer, although there is a difference between biological age, and your chronological date (birthdate). Sarah has worked with women aged 50 who have had babies through egg donor- and women in their mid forties who have naturally conceived. Across Europe the cut of age for IVF treatment is 55 in private clinics. You are your own best judge as to what's possible for you, as you will know your health issues and history. And the good news is mind body programmes will help you maximise your chances as well as slow down the ageing process for you. 

These tools and techniques have been researched and are based on ancient wisdom and scientific principles, such as neuroscience, hypnotherapy, somatic healing and breathwork. Yes, there are so many studies that show the effectiveness of hypnosis as a useful therapy for IVF and visualisations for healing.  Do get in touch for the links to the scientific studies

The Soul is the Mistress of the Mind and Body. Science doesn't have all the answers. There are mysteries behind the creation of life in alignment with the existence of the universe that we will never fully understand. Sarah's practices provide a peaceful space to fertility challenges which will allow you to achieve elevated states of consciousness and harness high-frequency energy for greater fertility health, vitality, and deep inner peace.

Everyone has the capacity if they desire to respond to hypnotic suggestions in some form. Like most human traits, this can vary. Some respond more quickly or to a greater degree than others. However, everyone is "hypnotisable".  As some of Sarah's recordings incorporate mindfulness into them, this makes them unique and applicable for everyone. As with everything regular practice helps increase depth of hypnotic trance and suggestibility.

The course content will be released as soon as you book in a way that is most effective for you. You will be guided through the teaching and modules in a way that minimises overwhelm. Self healing is a journey, it doesn't happen all at once, so trust it's better this way rather than you get dumped everything on you in one go. You need time to soak in the lessons, but obviously we need to work with your timeframes.

This programme works beyond the boundaries of a singular goal of falling pregnant. It taps into the powerful mind body connection for self-healing for life, for your future. When the body returns to normal and is in balance then you fertility hormones can flow fully. Whilst there are no guarantees that you will fall pregnant, you will be giving yourself the best chance. 

Exactly. Yes how amazing is that? If you join this programme it's highly possible that you will fall pregnant. Please note that many of the teachings are designed to enhance pregnancy and make it a calmer process. For some women, getting pregnant can be a stressful event. Also, for women on IVF its Sarah's experience that morning sickness can strike earlier, and be stronger due to the additional hormone medicines that you might be on. For this very reason Sarah has included pregnancy support material that will be made available to you once you email her to let her know the news. ( Sarah has done multiple trainings in hypnobirthing and confident childbirth). She will also keep in touch each month for 6 months.

The cost is £646 payable on booking. Sarah is offering a free 48 hour trial for you to browse the programme, so if you decide it's not for you, then you can have a full refund (so long as we haven't completed the coaching session).

Client Fertility Testimonials

We've had a positive result this time round. The change I felt after that first session I know is why we are looking at 729 million positive pregnancy tests and counting.  So thank you for being brilliant, understanding and saying just the right thing. 


In the cycle immediately after our last therapy session, we fell pregnant. I continued Sarah's exercises throughout the first half of the high risk pregnancy to calm my nerves. We have welcomed a beautiful and healthy baby into our family! 


We decided to take a break from Fertility treatment. We also sold our flat in preparation to take a year off to go travelling. Very unexpectedly (but extremely pleased) we found out we had got pregnant naturally in early February. 


I was hoping to see you in person to tell you but not sure that will happen for a while. I've been so sick this past week. But this is all for a good reason ! I'm currently 7 weeks pregnant ! Finally !! Obviously over the moon. 


Things you might want to know about Sarah

How would YOU like the expertise of someone who has been working with fertility clients over 10 years? This coaching programme has been created by a therapist who through her own personal baby loss  — really gets what you're going through.

Sarah is not JUST a therapist — She is also a cognitive hypnotherapist, breathwork teacher, NLP master practitioner, EMDR & EFT practitioner, coach, reiki, and energy worker.  She offers a whole shebang of mind body practices.

Sarah is member of multiple professional organisations and duty bound by ethical standards. This includes the British Register of Complementary Practitioners and the International Breathwork Foundation. She also acts as a trustee and is the Vice Chair of Transformational Breath UK. 

As the Co-Founder of The Big Breath Company (Ltd) Sarah works in the wellness world and run retreats, workshops, seminars and professional training events. She teaches breathwork to a professional standard, and runs live events every month where you can work with her directly.

In a previous career Sarah worked for a top University looking after thousands of students. She has post graduate qualifications and a lot of letters after her name ... MBRCP DipCHyp NLPMP HPD PgDip CertTBr.

Nowadays, Sarah lives a more  peaceful life, she is wife to a scientist, grandmother and mother, and dog lover to two loving Frenchies.  Home is outside London, on the edge of Epping Forest, with rangles of deer, hawks and an abundance of enchanting nature and wildlife.  


The total value of this programme and Sarah's materials is over £5k. Yet you don't need to pay anywhere near this.
Sarah has created a package that gives you what you need, when you need it for a few pounds each day. If you trust the scientific research, you could save yourself £££s in IVF treatments.

How do I join

Just book in here. You will be given instant access to elements of The Expectant Mother Programme so you can start straightaway.



Including an initial min 2 hour intensive coaching session

3 easy steps to conception success


Instant access to the introduction to my signature Fertility Healing Paradigm series.
Exclusive “how to” content with practical steps to guide you in restoring the mind-body-fertility connection..


A private guided and paced programme providing you with the tools necessary for your fertility journey. Discover the secrets of self-healing. Watch/listen to a bit each day or binge it like Netflix.


Find peace and hope in effortless daily practices your mind, body, and soul will love.


I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in an online product with someone you might not know. I’m extremely proud of my work and I trust any woman who joins this programme will be grateful with their purchase. While I can’t guarantee that this programme will result in a pregnancy for you, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of my methods and teachings and the therapeutic support it will give you. Therefore, I'm offering you the opportunity to enjoy a free trial period of 48 hours after booking to ensure that you are fully satisfied that this is the right purchase for you.