learn the simple stress free way to reboot your fertility
through the mothergenic codes

If you're a woman struggling to have a baby you might think you've tried everything and there is nowhere left to go.
You may feel desperate sad and exhausted.
And know the stressors of modern life are working against your dream of motherhood. 


Good health isn't just in the body, it's in the mind too. And studies tell us when conception doesn't happen, mental health suffers. And broken mental health negatively impacts fertility, making it harder to conceive. A vicious cycle which you probably know all about.

Very few people really understand the role of the subconscious mind, and how significant emotional events and negative infertility experiences suppress pregnancy, even more so when parenthood is delayed until later in life. 

And recent reseach shows that children who experience multiple negative events before birth, are at a higher risk of experiencing poor mental health later in life.

Considering all that it's no wonder you're feeling confused
and overwhelmed.
But what if you could:

Stop the chaos of the world for a moment and slow down your fertility ageing process for a moment by learning how to really BREATHE.

Dissolve any blockages from your past which might be affecting your ability to conceive and learn effective techniques for calming your nervous system to safety when it's triggered by all the noise. 

Let yourself be guided by a programme that teaches you exactly how to optimize your mental wellbeing to optimize your chances of conception.

Get those fertility hormones flowing through your body by understanding how to harness your own self-healing powers and apply scientifically proven techniques to sway the fertility odds in your favour.

Potentially save ££££s in unnecessary treatments because you've boosted your chances of natural conception. 

Connect with other women going through the same thing to support each other on your fertility healing journeys. Because, women heal other women.

Do all this from the comfort of your own home for less than a £1 day. (Seriously, you can't even buy a cup of coffee for this nowadays.)

The Mothergenic Codes

My signature framework that teaches you the 4 key Mothergenic Codes of self- healing for conception success.

Fertile MindBody Tools

A self-paced and evolving program giving you the powerful MindBody tools you need to reconnect with your fertility.

Fertility MindBody Tools

Downloadable hypnosis recordings, breathwork practices, meditations, visualisations, morning rituals, and emotional rebalancing tools for optimum fertility.

The Fertility Therapist

Regular access to me, including live monthly webinars (that will be recorded) where we'll explore fertility themes for holistic healing.

The Fertility Healing Community

A private FB group of fellow women who will support you all the way and help you set powerful intentions that lead to positive action.


Music Playlists. An exclusive book club and first access and discounts to workshops, retreats and breathwork personal seminars.

And of course we'll have lots of fun too.

At this point, you might be wondering who I am?

Hi, I'm Sarah! The most important thing you should know is that I've helped hundreds of women manage and overcome fertility struggle for over a decade.

Many of them have gone on to conceive despite the odds stacked against them.

And they've been able to take back control of their conception journey, whatever the outcome of our work together.


My private 1:1 fertility client work spans 10 years. This program has been in gestation since the loss of my baby in 1997, so I don't just teach this stuff, it's much deeper than that.

I’m the Co-Founder of The Big Breath Company (Ltd) and run retreats, workshops, seminars and professional training events. I mentor breathwork students and help them become amazing faciliators.

I’m not JUST a therapist … I’m also a hypnotherapist, breathwork teacher, NLP master practitioner, EMDR & EFT practitioner, coach, reiki, energy worker - and healer.

I'm a member of multiple professional organisations and duty bound by various codes of ethics. This includes the British Register of Complementary Practitioners and the International Breathwork Foundation. I'm also the Vice Chair of Transformational Breath UK. 

I'm qualified to post graduate level, and worked for the London School of Economics for nearly 25 years looking after thousands of students.

I’m also a wife to a scientist, grandmother, and dog mom to two Frenchies. We live outside London, on the edge of Epping Forest, with rangles of deer, hawks and an abundance of enchanting nature and wildlife.  

I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in an online service with someone you might not know. I’m extremely proud of my work and I trust any woman who subscribes and follows this program will be grateful with their purchase. While I can’t guarantee that this program will result in a pregnancy for you, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of my methods and teachings and the therapeutic support it will give you. Of course, if you’re not happy with the program, I will refund your money within 48 hours of joining.

Client Fertility Testimonials

We've had a positive result this time round. The change I felt after that first session I know is why we are looking at 729 million positive pregnancy tests and counting.  So thank you for being brilliant, understanding and saying just the right thing. 


In the cycle immediately after our last therapy session, we fell pregnant. I continued Sarah's exercises throughout the first half of the high risk pregnancy to calm my nerves. We have welcomed a beautiful and healthy baby into our family! 


We decided to take a break from Fertility treatment. We also sold our flat in preparation to take a year off to go travelling. Very unexpectedly (but extremely pleased) we found out we had got pregnant naturally in early February. 


I was hoping to see you in person to tell you but not sure that will happen for a while. I've been so sick this past week. But this is all for a good reason ! I'm currently 7 weeks pregnant ! Finally !! Obviously over the moon. 



Serious and committed to going deeper in your fertility journey.

Willing to reset your expectations around your fertility, knowing the results may take some time - you're willing to be patient and persistant.

Ready to address and identify any emotional blocks, illnesses or lifestyle choiceswhich might be impeding your chances of conception.

Open minded and happy to try new things and give them a go.

Confident you have everything already within you to fix yourself and recover from past trauma.

The Mothergenic Codes

It's a combination of video recordings and downloadable hypnosis audios themed around (in)fertility with therapist Sarah Jons.  This is fertility therapy on the go.

Women who are preparing or struggling to become mothers. Women who have experienced baby loss. Women following assisted and natural conception protocols.  Women who are pregnant and it's challenging for them.  Sorry, this programme is not for men.

Launching on the 1st November 2021..

Sarah will teach you the tenets of self-healing, based on a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern day science.
The work will focus on 3 healing timeframes.
1) Integration (past)
2) Navigating the Now (present)
3) Rewiring & Rehearsal ( future)

There will also be live group coaching calls from me every month. Plus discounts to my live interactive events and retreats.

Downloads, giving you all the fertility healing tools you need. You'ill also gain access to an amazing interactive group experience, practicing aspects of the programme and connect closely with other woman in similar circumstances. (Or you can be totally private if group sharing isn't your thing).

The total cost is £25 per month for full access to the program. Cancel anytime.