Yes I offer face to face sessions in a beautiful private house that has incredible healing energy. This is located in North London, not too far from Bounds Green tube station. The postcode is N22 8DH

Yes, I use the internet for nearly all my sessions. I find it just as effective as face to face for most of the techniques I use. It offers a stress free option without the travel and can be more convenient for those who are working full time. The software I use is Zoom. This is a bit like Skype but more reliable and encrypted. You need a webcam and microphone and some headphones.

My sessions are interactive, you will receive a friendly welcome, and an exploration of your therapy outcomes. We may do some regression to early childhood memories.

I work at the level of the subconscious which is a trance state, although many still maintain a degree of awareness. Some people fall into deep trance, which might be good for pain management, but might not be right for other outcomes.

You will feel comfortable and relaxed. It’s possible that you might experience some body sensations, and emotional releases. This is energy working through your physical body and completely normal. After the session you should factor in some quiet time for integration and reflection. My teacher once said that most therapy takes place between sessions, and I’ve found this to be true. 

I work with all genders, sexualities, ethinic minorities, and ages including children. Having worked at a University I have a significant amount of experience with young adults. I have a full DBS check.

Just email me at sarah@thefertilitytherapist.com. I will be in touch in a few days.

It would be unethical to do this, and you should be wary of any therapist offering guarantees. I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in therapy services with someone you might not know. I am extremely proud of my work and I trust any client who works with me will be satisfied with my services.

While I can’t guarantee that my services will match your specific outcomes, such as a successful pregnancy, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of my methods and teachings alongside the therapeutic support it will give you. Of course, if you’re not happy with my services please let me know and I will work to find a solution that works for you.

Do check out my testimonials on my home and about page. I have many satisfied clients over 10 years of experience. This is my life times work, and very much part of my own healing journey.

Hypnosis works with a specific brain wave pattern called Theta which works at the level of the subconscious, within your imagination. It has been found to quiet parts of the brain involved in sensory processing and emotional response.  Some people fear losing control in hypnosis, it is in fact a means of enhancing mind-body influence.

Hypnosis is the focus of your attention. Think of it like a laser, its application will locate faulty unhelpful thought patterns, regenerate new behaviours, address limiting beliefs and resolve any significant emotional events that might be blocking you from getting what you want.  What you give your attention to changes. One application of hypnosis is for generating sensory changes to promote healing like visualisations. Some people can't visualise easily but use other senses to reap the same benefits. 

Hypnosis is a well-studied and legitimate form of adjunct treatment for conditions ranging from infertility, obesity and pain to anxiety and stress.

Studies suggest hypnosis is a viable intervention in the treatment of infertility by enhancing women’s fertility. Whereas medical treatments primarily focus on the biological nature of infertility, while hypnosis incorporates both biological and psychological components. Solely or as an adjunct to medical interventions, hypnosis can enhance fertility and improve the rate of pregnancy.

• A study in Fertility Sterility (1998, vol. 69) suggests that because mind/body programs are effective for reducing negative emotions that may impair IVF success, IVF patients should be offered this type of program.
Use of stress reducing therapies early in the process increases IVF success rates (in this study from 20% to 52%). Fertility and Sterility, 2011
• Another study suggests that the use of hypnosis during embryo transplant may significantly improve the IVF/ET cycle outcome in terms of increased implantation and clinical pregnancy rates.

The type of hypnotherapy that I specialise in is Cognitive Hypnotherapy. I belong to the only UK based hypnotherapy organisation that has evidence based research specific to their approach to therapy and training. Their research project is listed with NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence). The Quest Institute uses outcome measures that are standard within the NHS. The study demonstrated effectiveness outcomes of 71% for cognitive hypnotherapy to help with anxiety and depression compared with 41% for CBT therapy routinely used within the NHS.

Read more here  https://www.qchpa.com/evidence-based-therapy

Breath is life, and without adequate breath in the body, the body struggles to sustain life.  Although I have trained in multiple breathwork practices I have chosen to specialise in a conscious connected breathing technique known as Transformational Breath®. This is experienced by the individual as a powerful self healing modality.  You can receive this in the privacy of a one to one session, in groups, or on one of my retreats, or during one of the personal seminar level 1,11,111 that I organise.  

Physically this tool increases oxygenation throughout the body, changing energy levels, stimulating circulation and reducing the symptoms of many diseases. Studies have shown breathwork improves wellbeing, reduces stress, clears past traumas, and reduces worrying. It works at the level of the subconscious and overwrites unhelpful behaviours and habits with better healthier ones. There is also a spiritual side to the work, in that it opens the gateway between the physical body and the universal life source. It is not religious, there is no dogma attached, and the breathwork is practised and taught in many countries around the world including the Middle East, China, USA and throughout Europe.

Transformational Breath is the only breathwork in the UK that is currently regulated. You can not certify as a practitioner without attending a live face to face teaching course, and completing case studies, and taking exams. It’s a rigorous process, and so it should be, as it’s very powerful.  The training of Transformational Breath facilitators is approved by the British Register of Complementary Therapists. The certification process is rigorous and takes years to complete. I’m following the path to become a Senior Trainer, and have now worked with thousands of people since I qualified in 2013.  I mentor breathwork students too who are following the path to become certified facilitators. 

• I offer 1 on 1 coaching and therapy for fertility and all the issues listed above in question 4.
• I run various live events and breathwork classes and training. Details on this link here LIVE EVENTS

In relation to fertility and a woman’s pursuit to become pregnant, high levels of stress can trigger the primitive mind to believe a threat is imminent; therefore, it must be prepared, conserving its energy and resources to fight or flight. Many women nowadays with unexplained or secondary infertility have high levels of stress.

As a result, the part of the mind responsible for the development of a pregnancy can be blocked. This makes sense from an evolutionary perspective as children need to be born into safe environments to ensure their survival.

Also if modern memory believes or associates a pregnancy and being a mother as something negative (e.g., a woman who grew up in a family with alcoholism), and the woman doubts or fears she will be a good mother or that her child may develop the disease, then her psychological beliefs can influence her body to impede a pregnancy from occurring. Also unresolved significant emotional events related to sexual or fertility history, or previous pregnancies such as miscarriages, C sections can all be factors.

Some women have medical conditions such as endometriosis or PCOS or other uterine diseases. There is an emotional aspect to many illnesses. And if you work to resolve these aspects then you pave the way for healing to take place.

My approach is brief therapy unlike many other talking therapies that can in some cases go on for years. Because, we will be working at the level of your subconscious mind and body, not with the conscious mind.

Some people come to see me for only one session for phobias, or an intensive session for something like stopping smoking. I generally recommend a minimum package of three sessions. 

That depends. Partially on the issue we are working with, and partially on you and your history. Remember all therapy is a two way process. So you will need to do the work, which includes practicing the tools and techniques I share with you. Some people transform their lives quickly, others need more time and more support.

If you are working on natural fertility for conception, know that cellular changes (subconscious body) can take around 12 weeks to generate.

I offer support for IVF that includes the transfer and 2 week waiting period. The studies show that hypnosis can double IVF success rates and I will teach you how to do this for yourself, so the results will be immediate.

If you have a needle phobia, that may reduce after just one session. For stopping smoking, hopefully after the first session!

For addictions such as cocaine, I would recommend weekly work over a couple of months, to ensure sufficient time to deal with any relapses.

Our therapy sessions together are 100% confidential, unless I have serious concerns for your immediate safety or that of others. I am bound by a very rigorous Code of Ethics. 

Individual sessions are £220. For 3 sessions I offer a package cost of £540. I run a range of live events, including full day workshops. You can find them listed here.

All payments are non-refundable. Should you wish to reschedule, then it's 7 days face to face or 24 hours online.

I work with all genders, sexualities, ethinic minorities, and ages including children. Having worked at a University I have a significant amount of experience with young adults.


I’m not just a therapist … I’m a cognitive hypnotherapist, breathwork teacher, NLP master practitioner, EMDR & EFT practitioner, coach, reiki, energy worker – and healer. I’m the co-founder of The Big Breath Company (Ltd) and run retreats, workshops, seminars, and professional training events. I mentor breathwork students and help them become amazing facilitators.

I have a postgraduate qualification in change management too, and a professional career that spans over two decades at the London School of Economics. I'm a member of multiple professional organisations and duty bound by various codes of ethics. This includes the British Register of Complementary Practitioners and the International Breathwork Foundation. I'm also the Vice Chair of Transformational Breath UK.

I have come to understand my qualifications are helpful tools to define my passion for studying the healing arts. They provide the backdrop for my approach which has been channelled through the lens of my personal life experiences. The journey to heal myself from my significant emotional events, including the stillborn loss of my twin daughter over 20 years ago, draws me to continue to deepen my relationship with my life’s purpose which is to help others.

You can read my blog articles, and also follow me on my instagram page. I run a company called The Big Breath Company and you can see more of my work in action there.

My two french bulldogs. Mom and daughter fill my simple life with so much fun. 

I live on the outskirts of Epping forest outside London. I love to walk in nature, and collect and wildcraft my own herbal potions. Married to my soulmate Tim, with 3 grown up children between us, and one energetic and vibrant grandson. I enjoy cooking, writing, dancing and dreaming and planning my next adventure.