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I help women struggling to become mums transcend anxious, depressive, and fear states using scientifically proven mind-body therapies weaved with ancient traditions, so that they can access life force energies to fully relax, and reduce their stress, for conception, and pregnancy success.

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Sarah Jons


Despite trying hard that dream of motherhood can be one of despair. Each month hormones ransack our bodies when unwelcome periods arrive. Our tears tumble as our hearts break apart.

We know the fertility clock is running out of time because everyone and everthing keeps telling us.

Feelings of isolation surface as relationships fragment. Even if we can afford it finances dwindle as private fertility treatment costs soar. Hope seems but a lost childhood friend.

But let me tell me. You don't need to let the overwhelm continually drag you down. The peace you're looking for is within you. You just need someone who really understands and can help you rise again.
Someone wise you can teach you the best tools to overcome your fertility challenges.

Hi I'm Sarah The Ferility Therapist.

I’ll help you through tough times wiping your tears, every step of the way. And that's a PROMISE!

Let's put you back together and build up your resilience to calm your mind and start the process of self-healing.

Download One of My Free Powerful Self-Help Tools to Help Heal, and Reduce Your Fertility Stress.

infertility expert therapist hypnotherapist breathworker therapy for fertility

infertility expert therapist hypnotherapist breathworker therapy for fertility

Your Free Breath

infertility expert therapist hypnotherapist breathworker therapy for fertility

Are You Breathing

infertility expert therapist hypnotherapist breathworker therapy for fertility

Your Ultimate Fertility Stress
Buster Guide

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Customer Testimonials

 "Dear Sarah  I just wanted to let you know we had a little girl on the 14th!  My baby was born at 6lbs and is lovely! Thank you for all your help, I truly believe this day would never have come without your intervention! We are a family! Thank you again.


 "After the birth of our wonderful son four years ago, we always planned to expand our family. However, over a span of 2 years, we sadly suffered 4 recurrent miscarriages. This left me emotionally and physically exhausted, and desperate in seeking alternative therapies to overcome my grief and improve our chances of a successful pregnancy. I found Sarah when researching hypnotherapy on the Internet, and decided to give her a try. We are pleased to announce that we have since welcomed a beautiful and healthy baby into our family! I am so thankful I came across Sarah, and how she was able to help me through such a tough and emotional period, all with a happy ending!


 "I was hoping to see you in person to tell you but not sure that will happen for a while. I've been so sick this past week. But this is all for a good reason ! I'm currently 7 weeks pregnant! Finally!! Obviously over the moon.



Are you open to explore the possibility of changing the trajectory of your life forever?
It begins here - so lets connect. 

What's Sarah's approach?

Many moons ago, I answered a call to serve women like  you.  I've invested sweat and tears alongside a small fortune studying the healing arts. Included a smorgasboard of specialist infertility programmes.

Research shows that hormone levels, ovulation, and other reproductive factors may be affected by what is going on in your subconscious (and we're talking neuroscience - not woo woo).  Activating your mindbody connection means you can influence your fertility potential.

The truth is when you STOP worrying about your body you create a healing environment that connects you to the life force of a fertile future.  And that's when miracle babies can appear. 

And the good news is...

When mind-body, and soul ALIGN together, they create potent womb energy. Stress levels reduce and fertility energy rises.

We know this is true; yet the limited timespan of our fertility window creates fear. 

You have more power than you realise to slow down your ageing processes. To tap into your own ability to self- heal. You can use these resources to improve your fertility response which increases your chance of falling pregnant. (Although, know that's not the only benefit).

My 20 years experience shows that the earlier in the journey to motherhood you adopt specific methods the better the outcomes. Better for mum, for baby and overall holistic health for the rest of your life.


Every so often you’ll get an email from me with new education, inspiration …plus time-sensitive updates to support your journey.