Overcome Fertility Challenges

Discover How to Double Your Chances of Pregnancy Success Without Harming Your Body (Even if you’ve been struggling for years or faced past treatment failures).

Are you a hard working woman struggling to become the mother you dream of being?

Now it's time to rethink your strategy, restore your natural fertility, clear out emotional clutter, and overcome "I'm not good enough" thinking to conceive with ease!

Overcome Fertility Challenges

Discover How to Double Your Chances of Pregnancy Success Without Harming Your Body (Even if you’ve been struggling for years or faced past treatment failures).

Are you a hard working woman struggling to become the mother you dream of being?

Now it's time to shake up your strategy, restore your natural fertility, clear out emotional clutter, and overcome "I'm not good enough" thinking to conceive with ease!

You Want Time to Slow Down,

So You Can
Help Your Subconscious Make Your Journey to Motherhood Easier

So that Every Fertility Cycle Counts

IMAGINE waking up every day with a renewed excitement about your future, feeling the vibrant flow of your feminine energy.

PICTURE yourself navigating your monthly cycle with ease, having made a harmonious pact with your body.

You TRUST your body and FEEL your fertility rising, effortlessly melting away any obstacles that have stood in your way.

STRESS? You now have the resources to brush it off effortlessly.

You understand that sometimes the key to SUCCESS is doing less, not more, and you're rediscovering the FUN side of yourself that you thought was lost.

You SURRENDER to the potential each new cycle offers, naturally feeling grounded, confident, and in a state of FERTILE flow.


 It’s not about specific treatments, supplements, radical diets, or intense workouts.
 The real secret lies in cultivating a regular Fertility Mind-Body practice that will
restore your innate reproductive blueprint, unlocking your natural potential to conceive.

Fertility Coaching Is Steeped In Science

Increased Pregnancy Rates with Fertility Mind Body Programs: A study shows IVF patients in mind/body stress reduction fertility programs have higher pregnancy rates (52%) than those who don't (20%).

Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness Efficacy: QCHPA reports a 71% success rate with Cognitive Hypnotherapy for anxiety and depression, compared to 42% with CBT. Baylor University finds mindfulness with hypnotherapy effective..

Impact of Stress on Egg Production: Research shows stressed individuals produce 20% fewer eggs during their fertility cycle than those not stressed.

Hypnosis Boosting IVF Success: An Israeli study found hypnosis can double IVF success rates.

Mindset Affecting Biological Age and Fertility: Studies suggest mindset affects biological age and fertility. Fertility thinking, behaviors, and relaxation-focused hypnotherapy help facilitate pregnancy.

CBT for Amenorrhea and Ovulation Resumption: A U.S. study found 75% of women with amenorrhea resumed ovulation with CBT, compared to 12.5% in the control group.

Hi I'm Sarah,  The Fertility Therapist and Coach

I support women navigating fertility challenges co-create miracle babies.

With more than a decade of helping women have their miracle babies, and having experienced my own fertility struggles and baby loss twenty-five years ago, I'm here to support you on your journey to parenthood.

Every step of the way, you'll find compassion, understanding, and expert knowledge to help you navigate the fertility rollercoaster.

My Qualifications

What Some of My Clients Say

Dear Sarah I just wanted to let you know we had a little girl on the 14th! My baby was born at 6lbs and is lovely! Thank you for all your help, I truly believe this day would never have come without your intervention! We are a family! Thank you again.


Hi Sarah Just wanted to let you know that I am finally pregnant... nearly 14 weeks... I didn’t want to mention anything until i had the scan and all test results. And all looks good.... of course still a long way to go but very happy. It worked the third time. So thanks so much for all your help. 


In the cycle immediately after our last therapy session, we fell pregnant. I continued Sarah's exercises throughout the first half of the high risk pregnancy to calm my nerves. We have welcomed a beautiful and healthy baby into our family


I was hoping to see you in person to tell you but not sure that will happen for a while. I've been so sick this past week. But this is all for a good reason ! I'm currently 7 weeks pregnant ! Finally !! Obviously over the moon.


We've had a positive result this time round. The change I felt after that first session I know is why we are looking at 729 million positive pregnancy tests and counting. So thank you for being brilliant, understanding and saying just the right thing.


We decided to take a break from Fertility treatment. We also sold our flat in preparation to take a year off to go travelling. Very unexpectedly (but extremely pleased) we found out we had got pregnant naturally in early February.


Let's Cover Some Concerns

I get it; investing in your well-being can be tough, especially if you've shed so much out already. It can feel like you’re not worth it.

But consider this: a single round of IVF in the UK costs around £6k or more, with success rates of only 32% for women under 35, 25% for women aged 35 to 37, and 19% for women aged 38 to 39. Hypnosis during embryo transfer can double these success rates.

Fertility coaching might reduce your need for additional treatments, saving you money and emotional stress. Actually, try the fertility coaching first—you might not need that treatment at all. And I offer Breakthrough Sessions for as little as £197

Well, yes, age is a fertility reducer, but the distinction between biological and chronological age is crucial. There are plenty of examples of women in their 50s having babies through egg donation and others in their mid-forties conceiving naturally.

In Europe, private clinics often provide IVF treatments to women up to 55 years old.
I've worked with women who turned 50 and successfully had babies with egg donors. If you're resistant to egg donation, we can address these beliefs. Remember, the baby will grow inside you and be influenced by your environment, making you an essential part of the equation.

 My fertility coaching helps you understand what's possible for you, considering your unique health history. We address any health issues first to maximise your fertility potential and slow down the aging process.  Think of this work as a preventative measure for enhancing your overall well-being and fertility journey, regardless of your age.

You Can and Should Get Help Sooner: 

Getting pregnant doesn't fix everything. Pregnancy is a time when your nervous system undergoes enormous changes, replicating itself in another life form—your baby! This is when you need more support than ever to future-proof your mental health during the peri and post-partum periods.  

The Illusion of Pregnancy as a Cure: 

A positive pregnancy test won't fix everything. Conceiving without doing this work misses the chance to heal and release significant emotional events you've accumulated on your journey.

The Deeper Journey of Healing:  

Pregnancy is a time of growth. Working through your core wounds ensures you give your baby the best possible start. This period also brings vulnerability to mental health issues, making it crucial to address and heal your emotional challenges.  

My Approach:  

Unlike quick-fix solutions that focus solely on conception, my coaching method cultivates a profound sense of worthiness, self-love, and inner peace before and during pregnancy. True transformation comes from within, and I can provide the tools and support for this inner growth.  

Great, there’s a part of you that knows this work aligns with your values. Fertility is a two-way street, and having your partner's support is crucial. While they might not fully understand, there's a difference between seeking understanding and asking for permission.

Your partner loves you and wants you to succeed. Standing in your own power and expressing what’s missing for you can be a relief for them. Knowing you're getting help reduces stress for both of you, especially if they’re dealing with their own infertility issues.

If you're new to coaching, I agree.  This stuff sounds really woo-woo!

For a scientific perspective, I recommend this book: “Why Woo-Woo Works” by Dr. David Hamilton.  

My coaching combines ancient wisdom with science, including neuroscience, hypnotherapy, psychology, somatic healing, and breathwork. Extensive research supports the effectiveness of these methods, and scientific evidence is included above.

These practices are not just "woo-woo" – they are grounded in proven techniques that have helped many individuals enhance their fertility and overall well-being.

Making a baby is sacred, not just scientific. There are energies at play, and I cover this within my programs. It will blow your mind.

Ok, I'm going to stop you right there and ask you to repeat that back to yourself.

You don't have enough time to gift yourself something that is the safest, most effective way to double your chances of conception?

Even if you're already on an assisted reproduction protocol, you're already all in. This could be the difference that makes the difference for you.

You need to make time for yourself, to give yourself space to call that baby in. If you're flat-out exhausted and running on empty, you are going to struggle to carry that baby to full term without feeling exhausted and burn out.

Fertility coaching focuses on more than just achieving pregnancy.

It harnesses the powerful mind-body connection for holistic self-healing, benefiting your overall life and future.

When the body is balanced, your fertility hormones are better positioned to operate effectively. While there is no absolute guarantee of pregnancy, participating in fertility coaching ensures you are giving yourself the best possible chance by nurturing and balancing your body and mind. Additionally, it would be unethical to offer any guarantees.

Exactly, how amazing is that.

Fertility coaching using mind body tools increases your chances of achieving pregnancy.  My methods are tailored not only to boost your chances of conceiving but also to make the pregnancy journey a calmer and more fulfilling experience.

I offer coaching support for morning sickness, pregnancy support, hypnobirthing and post natal breastfeeding.  

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