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Becoming a parent initiates a profound transformation in the body. It can feel frightening and overwhelming, especially for those whose nervous systems carry traumatic wounds and disrupted memories.

 Amidst the evolutionary demands of reproduction, we encounter profound vulnerabilities, shaping one of life's most intense journeys. Perinatal trauma, including pregnancy loss, mothering as an abuse survivor, or reproductive medical challenges, often becomes embodied trauma.

The biological transformations of motherhood render us vulnerable to stress and overwhelm, profoundly impacting our emotional and mental well-being.  

I support individuals through conception and pregnancy challenges, believing that this transition to parenthood holds the potential for transformative healing. My approach transcends mere conception, prioritising holistic wellness. It emphasises emotional regulation, alleviating depressive symptoms, and safeguarding against future PTSD onset.

Dear Sarah I just wanted to let you know we had a little girl on the 14th! My baby was born at 6lbs and is lovely! Thank you for all your help, I truly believe this day would never have come without your intervention! We are a family! Thank you again.


Hi Sarah Just wanted to let you know that I am finally pregnant... nearly 14 weeks... I didn’t want to mention anything until i had the scan and all test results. And all looks good.... of course still a long way to go but very happy. It worked the third time. So thanks so much for all your help. 


In the cycle immediately after our last therapy session, we fell pregnant. I continued Sarah's exercises throughout the first half of the high risk pregnancy to calm my nerves. We have welcomed a beautiful and healthy baby into our family


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Fertility Coaching

Through the dynamic fusion of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Transformational Breath, and Neuroscience, unlock the fertility potential within you for conception success.

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Fertility Mind Body Program 

Welcome to Bloom & Blossom, an uniquely supportive and affordable fertility mind body program hosted by Sarah, designed specifically for individuals struggling with conception and pregnancy challenges

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Transformational Breath®

Explore the transformational potential of breathwork for personal growth and self-healing at a beautiful sanctuary in Bounds Green, London N22. Open to All

One of the World's Leading Breathwork Courses

Reclaim Your Breath™

21/22nd Sept 2024 Bounds Green London N22 UK

Discover 'Reclaim Your Breath'—a Transformational Breath® event led by Trainer Sarah Jons, aimed at enhancing fertility and emotional well-being for individuals. Explore how conscious breathing can support your fertility journey, with expert-led sessions in London. Unlock the power of breath for holistic health.

“This breath work is one of the most powerful tools I have experienced for releasing feelings and creating more energy in the body.”

Nicole Belle 

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