Fertility Coaching for Women

Set Your Future Self up for Success

The moment you decide to take action and change...is the moment your life begins to change...

Fertility Coaching for Women

Set Your Future Self up for Success

The moment you decide to take action...is the moment your life begins to change...

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Know you're not alone... healing is possible

I’m Sarah, and I specialise in supporting women on their journey to motherhood.

Struggling to get pregnant can be tricky, and with my decades of experience, I'm here to support you every step of the way.

I've helped many women improve their emotional and physical health, enhance their relationships, and overcome harmful habits, including addictions.  

Fertility issues can often lead to depression and trauma, which, if left unresolved, can drain your fertility energy even more. This can prevent you from becoming the parent you aspire to be.

That’s where I come in. By working together, we’ll focus on calming and balancing your body. The greatest joy could be welcoming a new baby into your life, or simply feeling a sense of peace and improved health for the future.

Here's how we'll be working together...

Understanding Your Challenges

Many people on the fertility journey face not just physical hurdles, but also emotional and mental ones. It's common to feel lost, stressed, and isolated.

Understanding your body, dealing with the emotional impacts of fertility challenges, and finding the right support and treatments that fit your values and budget can be overwhelming.  

This journey impacts more than just your physical health; it deeply influences your emotional and mental well-being. That's why more and more people are looking for holistic methods to help them cope with these challenges.

Personalised Support at Every Step

Your path to healing is unique, and my goal is to provide support that's perfectly tailored to your needs. Whether you prefer the convenience of online sessions or the personal touch of face-to-face meetings in Central London, I currently provide both.

I specialise in a broad spectrum of therapeutic techniques, including trauma-informed practices, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), somatic healing, cognitive hypnotherapy, and breathwork. This diverse expertise ensures a holistic approach to your wellness journey.  

My commitment is to give you the knowledge and tools you need for deep, lasting healing, whether it’s through a single transformative session or ongoing support for complex fertility challenges.

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Imagine this...


Feeling more relaxed and certain of yourself as you go through your fertility journey. Sarah's guidance will help you navigate stress and prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy using easy, calming practices.


Getting in tune with your body, learning to notice and understand its natural signals. Sarah's coaching will help you see the signs your body gives you about fertility, helping you make better choices along your path to becoming a parent.


Start feeling more positive and strong, no matter the ups and downs. You'll learn how to stay hopeful and handle tough emotions, making your motherhood journey a more positive experience.


Enhance your overall health and improve your fertility by integrating mind-body practices with positive lifestyle changes. This holistic approach not only boosts your chances of conceiving but also prepares you for a healthy pregnancy and equips you for the demanding years that follow, ensuring you're well-supported on your journey to parenthood


Get in tune with your body, learning to notice and understand its natural signals. Sarah's coaching will help you see the signs your body gives you about fertility, helping you make better choices for your path to becoming a parent.

Dear Sarah I just wanted to let you know we had a little girl on the 14th! My baby was born at 6lbs and is lovely! Thank you for all your help, I truly believe this day would never have come without your intervention! We are a family! Thank you again.


Hi Sarah Just wanted to let you know that I am finally pregnant... nearly 14 weeks... I didn’t want to mention anything until i had the scan and all test results. And all looks good.... of course still a long way to go but very happy. It worked the third time. So thanks so much for all your help. 


In the cycle immediately after our last therapy session, we fell pregnant. I continued Sarah's exercises throughout the first half of the high risk pregnancy to calm my nerves. We have welcomed a beautiful and healthy baby into our family




 My expertise in fertility began to deepen in 2012, two years after starting my practice as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist. Discovering the profound effects of hypnosis on fertility, particularly its ability to potentially double IVF success rates, I felt a strong pull towards this field.

I pursued specialised infertility training which equipped me to assist a friend in overcoming difficult fertility challenges. The positive outcome of this experience was a catalyst for me, motivating me to offer my support to a wider audience.

Since then, I have been privileged to help numerous women achieve pregnancy, addressing a spectrum of fertility issues, not limited to conception alone.  My fertility work is enhanced by my expertise in breathwork and my involvement with Transformational Breath USA since 2014, under the mentorship of Dr. Judith Kravitz, who is not only the founder but also a mother to eight children. This combination of experiences has deeply informed my therapeutic approach to fertility support.

These experiences have enabled me to lead transformative workshops and training sessions around the world. I am committed to ongoing learning and applying various science based healing practices, ensuring a comprehensive and holistic approach in assisting my clients on their fertility journeys.

Costs & Booking Barbican London UK (In Person)

Single  Introductory Session

Costs & Booking  Zoom (Online)

Single Session

Frequently Asked Questions

Venue Address: 45 Central Street London EC1V 8AB

Your appointment time and date will be finalised once payment has been processed, subject to availability.
Please note that appointments are available from Tuesday to Friday, scheduled between noon and 7pm at the latest.

This scheduling framework takes into consideration holiday schedules, room availability, and Sarah's personal calendar. To facilitate this process, we kindly ask that you suggest several preferred times through our booking link. Sarah will do her best to accommodate your preferences within the operational days and hours mentioned. Thank you for your understanding.

Initial Consideration: Start with understanding your goals and issues. For newcomers or those with specific, straightforward issues, single sessions are recommended. This allows you to experience the benefits before committing more fully.  

Cognitive Hypnotherapy: Known for its brief yet effective approach, the average treatment spans 3 to 6 sessions. It's ideal for addressing focused concerns like phobias, smoking cessation, or support during an IVF cycle, with a 3-session package typically sufficing.  

Fertility Coaching: For more complex or deep-rooted issues, especially related to fertility, a 6-session package is better. This offers a deeper exploration and resolution of underlying patterns for a comprehensive impact.
Making Your Choice: Reflect on your specific challenges and therapy goals. Whether it's cognitive hypnotherapy or fertility coaching, Sarah's approach is personalised to align with your unique journey towards healing.

In Person Sessions last 90 minutes

Sarah believes in the ethical practice of therapy, understanding that guaranteeing specific outcomes for most services isn't just unrealistic—it could also breach professional guidelines. Therefore, she does not promise set results. Sarah invites prospective clients to explore the success stories of many who have benefited from her services, showcasing the positive changes achieved through her ethical and collaborative approach.

The term 'hypnosis' encompasses a variety of tools and techniques aimed at engaging the subconscious mind and body. Being in a hypnotic state or trance is a natural occurrence we experience daily. For instance, when you drive somewhere and arrive without recalling the journey, or when you're deeply absorbed in daydreaming, you're experiencing states similar to hypnosis.

It's important to note that hypnotherapy's effectiveness doesn't hinge on achieving a deep trance. In fact, much of the therapeutic work involves being in a lighter state of trance where you can still communicate and remain conscious of your surroundings.  It's also a common misconception that a deep trance state is required for hypnosis to be effective. Contrary to this belief, some aspects of hypnotherapy involve active communication between the therapist and the client, necessitating the client to be alert.  

While it's true that some individuals may be more naturally receptive to hypnosis than others, Sarah's training equips her to adapt and work effectively with varying levels of susceptibility. The experience of hypnosis is subjective and varies depending on the individual and the specific therapeutic work being undertaken.

We understand that life can be unpredictable, and so always strive to treat people fairly. However, it's essential to respect the time that has been reserved for your session, whether online or in person.

If we are working over Zoom you can cancel or reschedule up to 24 hours in advance.

If we are working face to face at any of the therapy rooms, then Sarah has to follow their cancellation policy. Cancellations are possible 8 days before the appointment date. If you have an appointment for a Friday you need to notify me the week before on the Thursday by 4pm.

Any cancellations after this time will be subject to a £75 cancellation fee. Cancellations can be done via email sarah@thefertilitytherapist.com or calling or texting 07769 111711.

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