Assisted Conception Collective

Enhance Your Fertility Journey Naturally: Empowering Audio Tools for Conception and Emotional Well-being

Assisted Conception Collective

The Assisted Conception Collective blends the power of science and the soothing qualities of hypnosis.

The audio collection addresses three key stages: acknowledging past difficulties, understanding the present reality, and envisaging a brighter future.  The first audio initiates healing, focusing on past challenges and providing a path full of mending and hope. The second series concentrates on the present, encouraging you to pursue natural conception concurrently with any treatments.  Recognising that body weight can be a sensitive and critical factor, I offer a supportive session to gently assist those who might benefit from weight management.

To bolster the IVF journey, Ive developed two proven audios that sync with protocols. The "Day of Transfer" recording promotes relaxation and, according to scientific studies, can increase the odds of success when listened to in a state of hypnosis.  For the nerve-wracking "two-week wait," the next audio helps ease the anxiety of this waiting period, providing comfort and fostering patience. The early pregnancy session is designed to provide reassurance during the initial, often uncertain, stages.  

Finally, the "Conscious Conception" audio encourages you to visualise the child you long to welcome. This collection of audios has helped many clients who, despite considerable odds, have successfully conceived and delivered their babies.

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