Discover How to Improve Your Chances of Conception Success
Without Harming Your Body, 
And do it with your feet up at home

A Fertility Self Healing Course For Conception Success

The Fertility Healing Paradigm™?

A 6 part video training series covering 4 core healing tenets from ancient and modern systems. It's over a decade of learning and experience distilled down into a few brief hours for you to absorb quickly.  

What is The Fertility Healing Paradigm™?

We all have the potential to self heal and do so already without even thinking about it. You are your own healer, and your own best medicine.  This simple framework will teach you how to restore your fertility health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  This teachings can be used for both natural and assisted reproduction cycles.

Trust the wisdom from the experience of mothers.

Energy healing has been around for 10,000s of year.s. It's very much part of a lost healing paradigm that's resurfacing today in new science. Identify your fertility energy zappers and discover the mind's potential to influence the empty spaces within your body for conception success.

Tuning into intentions.

The universal force of intent is an invisible energy. The power of intentions is potent and it's a dormant force that exists within each of us. A guided meditation for intention setting will help you to set up your fertility intentions in the most powerful and positive way.

The physiology and psychology of beliefs.

Beliefs don't exist only in our minds they live in our bodies too. This is now backed up by many scientific research papers. Your beliefs have specific energy patterns or vibrations and these transmit via your nervous system to your cells. Understand how to protect yourself from negative thought patterns and harness the power behind the placebo effect and miracles.

Be mindful. Be grateful. Be positive. Be true. Be kind.

We find it easier to be kinder to others, rather than receive it for ourselves and unknowingly deplete our fertility hormones. Uncover one of the key secrets to slow down ageing and why kindness to others, self and planet is so crucial during your fertility journey.

Inspire yourself into action.

You now have the knowledge and resources to continue your journey to restore your fertility health. Taking small sustainable baby steps each and every day will build momentum and mastery. Be open to creating your best life through the lessons of trust and surrender because  your future self will thank you.

Hi, I’m Sarah Jons — Your Fertility Therapist

The most important thing you should know — is that over the last decade I've helped many women manage and overcome fertility struggles.

Many of them have gone on to conceive — despite the odds stacked against them.

My teachings are weaved from ancient wisdom and modern scientific principles.

When you connect with and ground your deepest self, you transcend the limitations of your fertility circumstances.

As a therapist and teacher of other therapists I have acquired my wisdom from multiple systems and schools, scientific as well as traditional … and distilled it down for you.

Think of this course as an online workshop that teaches you the key concepts of self healing. It's taken all the research and hard work away and distilled it down for you.

The teachings have evolved through supporting women like you for over a decade. Through my own baby loss trauma, I've found my way back and so can you.  Discover a private sanctuary from any fertility challenges, right here.  

Trust that whatever the outcome of my programmes you'll be able to take back control of your conception journey, and sanity — for a brighter future.