Effortlessly Reprogramme Your Unconscious Over 8 Weeks
With Hypnosis and Mindfulness

A Self Healing Course For Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing

The Hypnotist's Path to Mindfulness

This 8 week hypnosis audio recordings series will reduce your stress levels. And, you know that's a good thing regardless of where you are on your fertility journey.
Studies show that women who learn these techniques have significantly higher pregnancy rates than those who do not. (Over double!). Benefits include improved brain function and hormonal balance.. All you need to do is listen to the recordings once a day over the series and the changes will happen naturally for you as these are designed to bypass the conscious mind.

Being mindful will help you in your daily life to feel more at peace. Mindfulness is a journey, it’s not a destination, and the best way to learn it is to experience it. Some of you might already have a meditation practice and feel an urge or impatience to skip these lessons. The difference here is this course is a crossover between mindfulness and hypnotherapy. So it won’t be quite like anything you’ve already done already. It’s very new, because this is very new in the field of therapy and hasn't made its way into the text books yet.

Think of this as the ground work, and it's part of my Fertility Essentials Series. These audios are without any fertility triggers in them, so they can be listened too at any time.  

Week 1 Being Present 

With regards to fertility challenges, we cannot work out how to solve our problems and challenges we face by just thinking about them.  We need to gain the insights and directions from the source of our subconscious. Rather than thinking and ruminating endlessly and trying one thing after another...we can looking at what present right now through the lens of a relaxed mind and body. 

Week 2 Body Sensations

Mindfulness practices often begin with practices that enable us to develop an awareness of our bodies. This is especially important in western culture where we spend so much time in our heads. Because of this we lose access to the physical as well as the instinctive part of our lives. To heal our bodies we must listen to what they’re telling us. The aches, pains, sensations. Quite often these aren’t just physical manifestations, they are driven by mental, emotional or even spiritual tensions.

Week 3 The Mind's Filter

Everything that arises in the mind starts as a sensation in the body. Sensations and emotions come - and then they go. Your mind is there to protect you to keep you safe - yet sometimes the mind reacts in ways that creates more stress than needed. Learn to observe your emotions by listening from a peaceful space and lessen the hold they have over you during challenging times.

Week 4 Self Hypnosis

You have everything already within you to resolve your own problems. One of the most powerful life changing processes you can learn is self-hypnosis. And that's what this week's lessons are all about.

Week 5 Compassion for Others and Self

Love and compassion are necessities in life, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive. Self love is receiving compassion we would give to others for ourselves. This week's teachings cover the duality of internal and external compassion.

Week 6 Inner and Outer Purpose

Your inner purpose is to discover the true essence of why you’re here and what you’re supposed to do with your life. Parenthood gives meaning and purpose to a life, but this is an external role and not necessarily one that aligns fully with our inner purpose. Bring awareness to any internal conflicts that might exist.

Week 7 Going Deeper

We all have life challenges and this week's lesson will allow you to deepen your experience of mindful hypnosis in a way that really helps you the most. You get to choose what you want to accept and surrender to in your life. These don’t have to be big things, but smaller ones that will propel you forward in life with less daily stress.

Week 8 Daily Practice Sustains Mental Wellbeing

This week's lesson marks a new beginning rather than an ending. Daily practice is the key to good mental wellbeing. You can take forward these practices and navigate life's challenges in a more peaceful and accepting way.

Hi, I’m Sarah Jons — Your Fertility Therapist

The most important thing you should know — is that over the last decade I've helped many women manage and overcome fertility struggles.

Many of them have gone on to conceive — despite the odds stacked against them.

My teachings are weaved from ancient wisdom and modern scientific principles.

When you connect with and ground your deepest self, you transcend the limitations of your fertility circumstances.

As a therapist and teacher of other therapists I have acquired my wisdom from multiple systems and schools, scientific as well as traditional … and distilled it down for you.

Think of this course as an online workshop that teaches you the key concepts of self healing. It's taken all the research and hard work away and distilled it down for you.

The teachings have evolved through supporting women like you for over a decade. Through my own baby loss trauma, I've found my way back and so can you.  Discover a private sanctuary from any fertility challenges, right here.  

Trust that whatever the outcome of my programs you'll be able to take back control of your conception journey, and sanity — for a brighter future.