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Reclaim Your Breath™

21/22nd Sept 2024 Bounds Green London N22 UK

Discover 'Reclaim Your Breath'—a Transformational Breath® event led by Trainer Sarah Jons, aimed at enhancing fertility and emotional well-being for women. Explore how conscious breathing can support your fertility journey, with expert-led sessions in London. Unlock the power of breath for holistic health.

I am 52 and have 2 grown up children. I don’t think I have felt this kind of release and wholeness since I was a child.”

Bibi Basch

“The facilitators and trainer are like guardian angels. Gently helping and healing deep issues and emotional release. For the first time I have felt something close to peace and acceptance.”

Diana Machin

"Myself going through IVF and trying almost everything.If you are on same journey try this event first! You will save time and money." 

Erin Lavin

"I have had a hugely complicated pregnancy and feel like I have been holding my breath for three months. Today I learned how to breathe for two."

Claire Edmonson

BreatBreathwork Practitioner Demonstrating Relaxation Technique

unlock holistic health

Reclaim Your Breath™ 21/22nd Sept 2024

Have you ever considered the transformative power hidden within your breath? While we all know that breathing sustains life, its profound impact on our holistic fertility well-being often goes unrecognised.

The practice of Transformational Breath®, developed by Dr. Judith Kravitz, a mother of eight and grandmother to many, serves as a testament to the deep connection between conscious breathwork and fertility. Dr. Kravitz's life work illuminates the powerful role that breath plays not only in sustaining life but in the creation of new life as well.

why is your breath so crucial?


Breathing transcends its physical function, acting as a powerful force influencing overall health and well-being, with the capacity to affect both physical and emotional states.


Ineffective breathing patterns can lead to a disconnection from our bodies, fostering the repression and suppression of emotions, which in turn can negatively impact emotional health and contribute to various illnesses and diseases.


 These health issues stemming from poor breathing patterns can affect fertility functions at all stages of a woman's life, from puberty to post-menopause, and also have implications for men's reproductive health.

here's what you will learn...


This weekend workshop provides an extensive exploration of Transformational Breath, encompassing expert-led sessions in Breath Analysis, Body Mapping, and Sound & Toning. Experience the significant advantages of freeing yourself from restricted breathing patterns and the impact this has on your overall wellbeing.


During the two-day workshop, you will partake in four intense breathwork sessions aimed at taking you deeper into this transformative process. 


Additionally, we will equip you with other valuable tools, including a dedicated morning practice. Moreover participants will have the opportunity to deepen their process by attending future breathing classes.

Participant Engaging in Guided Breathwork Practice

Imagine this...


In a nurturing and private setting, guided by compassionate facilitators, you will explore the profound effects of conscious breathing


Explore the depths of your unconscious, accessing and integrating difficult emotions, confronting past traumas with each progressive breathwork session.


Foster a sense of mental peace, and emotional balance, achieving clarity and calmness, while dissolving emotional barriers and fostering inner harmony, enhancing your resilience to life's challenges.


In a nurturing and confidential setting, guided by compassionate professionals, you will explore the profound effects of intentional breathing.


Discover a deep spiritual resonance within and amongst fellow participants, experiencing the expanse of joy and interconnectedness that comes with collective breath-focused practices.

Sarah Jons is faciliating a participant in a breathwork sesssion


Enhance Your Fertility Journey with the Transformative Art of Conscious Breathing

Through The Fertility Therapist, Sarah is committed to teaching individuals how to use breathwork for healing and personal growth. Her events are designed to be practical and approachable, providing essential skills to enhance health and fertility. Engaging with Sarah's teachings equips you with breathwork strategies for a healthier and more enjoyable life.

Sarah's methods are direct, aimed at confronting physical, emotional and mental health challenges, and she is always keen to highlight the benefits of breathwork for fertility wellbeing.  

As she progresses toward becoming a Senior Trainer, her experience, shaped by experts like Dr. Judith Kravitz, allows her to share her knowledge worldwide.

Further details

Sat 21st Sept 2024 9:30 to 4:30pm
Sun 22nd Sept 2024 10:00 to 4:00pm

In a beautiful venue near Alexandra Palace N22 London UK. Address provided on booking.
Parking is usually available close by.
Nearest tube is Bounds Green on the Northern Line

Lunch is included (vegan)

Transformational Breath is an effective and comprehensive breathwork practice emphasising conscious, connected breathing to drive personal growth, healing, and enhanced wellness. This method encourages fuller,  diaphragmatic breaths to activate the entire respiratory system, aiding in the dissolution of emotional barriers, diminishing stress, boosting energy, and improving mental clarity. Created by Dr. Judith Kravitz more than four decades ago, this technique has aided countless individuals globally in overcoming diverse physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges.

Whether you're single, part of a couple, or attending with friends and family, this retreat is open to all, including pregnant women or women trying to become pregnant, as well as those who are peri or post-menopause.  (This event is also open to men).  No matter your SHAPE, level of fitness, or prior experience with Transformational Breath®, we wholeheartedly welcome everyone.

During the registration phase, you'll be prompted to share any health-related issues or worries with us. We hold the view that enhancing one's breathing can be beneficial for all. When required, we're prepared to modify our approach to suit to your specific needs, whether that involves offering additional pillows or implementing other appropriate adjustments for your comfort and safety throughout the course. If you have any hesitations, please reach out to us prior to making a booking.

 In our sessions, participants will relax on mats, equipped with pillows and blankets, hence it's advised to wear comfortable, loosely fitting attire, particularly avoiding tight garments around the waist. Our peaceful surroundings contribute to a calming atmosphere, ideal for relaxation. To maximise the benefits of your experience, we recommend avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes prior to your arrival. Scheduling a quiet evening post-session will help you integrate the full impact of the experience. For individuals desiring a comprehensive weekend retreat, there are plenty of local accommodation options to support your experience.

Due to the low cost of this event - should you be unable to make it, we warmly suggest passing on your spot to someone who can take your place. In the event of a last-minute cancellation, as a token of our appreciation for your interest, we will offer you a discount on a future event.

Multiple practitioners facilitating a Transfomational Breath sessionthwork

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